Insurance Electronic Commerce System PRESENCIA HILATURAS, S.A. is based on the virtual TPV (SIS) Redsys.

The virtual TPV (SIS) is a device fully prepared to work safely within the operational sales over the Internet, that means:

A. The POS attempts to contact the card issuing bank to request cardholder authentication (verification of identity). This way you can ensure that only genuine holder, owner of the card can operate with it.

B.- Implements SSL in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications established during the transaction.

C.- Also enables mechanisms to verify the authenticity of the origin of transactions. This prevents data manipulation by third parties and ensures the integrity of the transaction.

D. Confidential information cards is not known PRESENCIA HILATURAS, S.A. This avoids that this information can be stolen by third parties to trade later for fraudulent purposes. The best way to safeguard commercially sensitive customer information is NOT having it. The card information is conveniently stored by Redsys, if necessary reused, for example, in a return.
Therefore, all transactions made through the Virtual TPV will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the actors involved: their cardholders and issuers, and merchants and their acquirers.



Once this option is selected, the confirmation of the order will show the information of the account number where you must make the transfer, as well as an e-mail with the same data. Orders paid by this modality will be valid for 10 business days starting from the day following of the purchase. If within this period PRESENCIA HILATURAS, S.A. Does not receive the payment the order will be canceled and the products will return to the stock of the store. This type of payment takes 1-3 days to be effective, so the merchandise will not be sent until the payment is effective. If you want to expedite the sending of your order, you can send proof of the transfer by email to the following address :


You can pay with Paypal your purchases. When paying through Paypal, the customer will be redirected to the secure servers of Paypal, where he will have to identify himself as user and make the payment.


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